The Sisterhood of Blood Vol 1 - Live Now on KS

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Re: The Sisterhood of Blood Vol 1 - Live Now on KS

Unread postby Bruno » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:56 pm  

Playing Card related Books, OK !!

Awesome 52Ravens Coinage, OK !!

Kirk Slater Design, OK !!

On all counts .... WIN !!

Thus .... Win, Win and Win again !!
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Re: The Sisterhood of Blood Vol 1 - Live Now on KS

Unread postby 52Ravens » Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:53 am  

Hey Everyone, just a reminder in case anyone didn't want to miss out!

I know this isn't strictly cards but its based on the deck of cards and thought some of you might be interested to add it to you collection, plus some of you named them! :lol:

Since the launch of the project I have been secretly working on a small book to accompany the cards. The digital booklet that came with the cards was a taste and the book expands on a pivotal moment in the lives of the 12 female vampires as they stalk the dark streets of Victorian London. Check out the project page here:

Its a great addition to the cards and I also have a 1.5 inch antique brass coin available for backing. I know this should have been part the original playing card project but I'm pleased to offer this to you now.

Thank you for all the support this community has offered me and my projects over the last couple of years, it really means a great deal.
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