The Sisterhood of Blood Vol 1 - Live Now on KS

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Re: The Sisterhood of Blood Vol 1 - Live Now on KS

Unread postby Bruno » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:56 pm  

Playing Card related Books, OK !!

Awesome 52Ravens Coinage, OK !!

Kirk Slater Design, OK !!

On all counts .... WIN !!

Thus .... Win, Win and Win again !!
O, I beg of you your comprehensions,
yet laugh at your contempts ....
my only competition is with myselves.

But Lèse-majesté, especially >Normans, natch.

Is >YNH < the Ars of the Hors Nebulous ?
Neigh .... the Effluxor of the Omniverse ??
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