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Vintage, antique and international decks

Unread postPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:40 am
by dazzleguts

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The following are links and resources you will find in the Worldwide Time Machine.

For these articles:

1. World Playing Card Varieties - dazzleguts
2. The Deck That Broke A Card Factory's Back - Fred Taylor
(The story of the fall of the Dondorf Playing Card Company.)
3. A Brief History of Waddingtons Playing Cards & some of the more common Aces - Jock1971

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For the Worldwide Time Machine in general, and some very interesting decks from around the world, click on the Worldwide Time Machine link below the quick tools. We welcome all members to add their own articles, resources, or decks of cards. If you wish to add an article, or resource (web site or book), please contact either Eoghann or I by PM.