[TRADE]Trying to trade most of my unopened decks

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[TRADE]Trying to trade most of my unopened decks

Unread postby Räpylätassu » Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:36 pm  

I have these decks to trade:

Icons Imperial 235/555
Oracle Shadow Edition 164/666
White Gold Grinders 38/500
Devastation Signature Series 103/500
Red Gatorbacks deck
White Lions Series A Blue
Phantom of the Opera 249/666
Phantom of the Opera 251/666
Sharps Private Reserve Set
D&D Classic Aristocrats Red 908/1000
D&D Classic Aristocrats Blue 598/1000
Daniel Madison Private Reserve (Red Rounders)
Vintage Plaid V1 Red
The Sisterhood of Blood
Cocktail Hour
Rise of a Nation
Le Chat Rouge 2496/3150
D&D Arrco Tahoe Blue 822/2500
Club Angel Blue (Angel Playing Card Company)
Offical Jurassic Park deck (USPCC, Ohio deck from 1993)
2008 Election Republican deck (Ohio)
LUXX Complete Collection Brick (First Edition, Shadow Edition, Palme, Elliptica and Greille)
A brick of Anglo Rugbacks (All of the decks are in different colors)

And finally something really special:

A box that contains:
Pro XCM Dominion v1
Pro XCM Viper
Pro XCM Purple Passion
All three decks have been hand signed and numbered by Professor Phelyx, the artist of the decks and placed in the box which is wrapped in brown paper and signed by Professor Phelyx again and finally wrapped in brown string. This box is 1 of 13 in the world. The box has not been opened. My dad brought it for me from the States, so it has emotional value to me, but I am ready to trade it for a good offer. Ask for pictures, if you are interested!

I am looking for:

Liturgy Treassury
Venexiana Gold
Celestial Set
Omnia Suprema
Omnia Magnifica
Joker and the Thief Red
Golden Spike Black Ink
Mana v3 Gold & Platinum

Those are the ones that I can think of right now, although I might have missed some. Please also note that I am flexible here, for example I can trade several decks for one or a two decks for five and a bit of money on the side etc etc etc, which ever way works out the best.

Also the Aristocrats are traded as a pair, and I won't break up the Sharps Set nor the LUXX brick or the Anglo brick.

PM me if you have any questions or if you wish to make me an offer. You can also contact me on my email: roope.lotjonen@hotmail.com
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