[Sell] Sell off part of the collection, shipping from NJ

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[Sell] Sell off part of the collection, shipping from NJ

Unread postby akicer » Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:42 pm  

Going to sell off some of my collection, I do think most of the prices are definitely below ebay price, and I'd like to offer some free deck if you buy a lot of the decks.Please feel free to PM me if you are interested in any of the listings or you want to make an offer for some of the decks!!! email address: akicer@gmail.com, ebay id: akicer_5

<= $20:

Animal Kingdom deck $10
Carbon Smoke and Mirror $14
Accro Blue Seal $12
Momento Mori $10
Bicycle PhenoGraphic deck $12
Prime Deck by Ben Newman $10
Hollingworth Burgundy deck $10Sold
Red Saturn Deck $20
Contraband Deck $10
Green Makers Deck $15
Aviator Heritage Edition Deck $8
Old Parchment Deck (2) $12Sold
Devo's Blade green edition (2) $12
Cardistry Ninjas Deck (2) $15
Bone Riders Deck (2) $10
Ignite Deck $9
Infinity Deck $10
NPH Deck $10


Madison Dealers Scarlet v1 (borderless) $40
Branded Ornate Obsidian w/wo pack jacket $40/$45
Absolut Vodka Deck (4) $45
Gold Reserve Smoke & Mirror $45
5th & Laural Deck $30 Sold
Divine Deck $25
Red JAQK (2) $40
Red Artifice $55
Empire v1 deck by kings & Cross $55
HMNIM (3) $32

Set of 4 LTD playing cards $55
Set of 2 Bicycle Pro poker peek $7
Set of two Antler limited edition DD $20
Set of 3 Grinders Deck $60
Set of 4 Virtuoso Deck $180
Set of 2 charity water deck(v1 and v2) $35
Set of 2 Deco Deck $40
Set of 2 Sultan treasury/republic deck $50
Smoke and Mirror v7 Deluxe Box $60
Set of 6 Monarch Deck(gold, red,
green, blue, black (nysm), white gold) $140

For Free
Bicycle Guardians Deck (1) free if you buy 5+ decks
Bicycle Archangels Deck (1) free if you buy 5+ decks
Branded Ornate White Edition (6) free if you buy $100+

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