[SINGAPORE SELL] 28 Dec to 30 Dec

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[SINGAPORE SELL] 28 Dec to 30 Dec

Unread postby crazyfandecks » Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:54 am  

Hi, I will stay in Singapore from 28 Dec to 30 Dec, and may bring some decks with me to cover the plane ticket, prices here I took on Ebay, so if you buy bulk you can get discount or free deck. Some decks I got multiple, so ask me if you need quantity.
Mail me at Vuquangduy1193@yahoo.com or whatsapp +84985427282
First Come First Serve, Cheers

Bicycle 130th 18sgd/set
Bicycle Autobike #3 Reproduction 18sgd/set
Bicycle Chainless Reproduction 18sgd/set
=> set of 2 pairs Autobike & Chainless (4 decks total) 35sgd
Bicycle Expert Distressed Red 10sgd
Bicycle Guardians 10sgd
Phoenix Red/Blue 10sgd => Set 2 colors 15
Texan Marlboro 20sgd
Texan Palmettos 18sgd/set

Cosmo Solano
Fig.25 25sgd
Spectrum 52 & Spectrum 52 Edge 50sgd/set

Dan & Dave
HMNIM 55sgd
Ultimate 35sgd

David Blaine

Fearless Promotional deck (Bridge Size) 55sgd
Gold Gatorbacks 30sgd
White Lions Series A 40sgd
Black Lions Blue Ed. 18sgd
Black Lions Red Ed. 18sgd
Black Lions 2nd Ed. 10sgd
=> set 3 Black Lions colors 38sgd
Outliers (Stripper Lions Tour) Regular/Reversed 25sgd/per (box set 2 Stripper - 45sgd)
Splitspades Bee set of 2 (1 signed - 120sgd) (no signed set - 100sgd)
SS 1st Ed. Red 60sgd
SS Prototype Blue 100sgd
SS Prototype Black 100sgd
=> set of 2 Prototype Blue & Black 180sgd

Red Arcane 80sgd
Gold Artifice 50sgd
Black Artifice 40sgd
Green Dealers 15sgd
Ignite 17sgd
Steelers 25sgd

Eric Mana
Buskers 20sgd
Mana v2 22sgd

King Wild Project
Black Diamon Tally Ho 45sgd
Pearl Tally Ho Player Ed. 18sgd
Pearl Tally Ho Player + Limited Ed. (non-gilded) 90sgd/set

British Monarchy 18sgd

Michael Ammar
Carinthian Albo deck set 50sgd

School Of Cardistry v1 18sgd
SoC v2 30sgd
SoC v3 35sgd
=> set of 3 ver 75sgd

Penguin Magic
Honeybee Yellow 1st Ed. 30sgd (SOLD)
White Deluxe Tally Ho 22sgd/set

Black Centurions 40sgd
Citizen 17sgd
Mailchimps 35sgd/set (black & red)
Monarch NYSM2 50sgd
National 17sgd
Nomad 17sgd
Rarebit Copper 25sgd
Tycoon Red/Blue/Black 17sgd each => 48sgd for 3
Union 17sgd
Brown Wynn 65sgd

The Blue Crown/HOPC
Brazil 2014 15sgd
NOC v3 Summer Ed. 35sgd/set (light blue/orange)

Casual by Paul Robaia 50sgd
Chicken Nugget Test Print 60sgd
Chicken Nugget White Ed. 30sgd
Encarded Standard 16sgd
Fournier 605's by Lee Asher 35sgd/set (brown/green)
Ghoul Note by Eric Duan 25sgd
ICO 2016 by kardify 20sgd
Icon by Benji Taylor 20sgd
Jetsetter Premium Ed. 20sgd
Latte Black box by Sans Mind 120sgd (no cellophane)
Lovely Bear by Bocopo 30sgd/set (light blue/pink)
Maria Ozawa by Cutting Edge 55sgd
Memento Mori v1 by Chris Ramsay 20sgd
Optricks 20sgd
Orbit 3rd Ed. (Purple) 30sgd
Origin Touch 35sgd
Tally Ho Restoration Player Ed. 17sgd
Tally Ho Restoration set of 3 (std, Ltd, Origin) 70sgd
Vigor Red Ed. 18sgd
Russian Folk Art Red Ed. 18sgd
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