[SELL] Vancouver Canada and San Jose USA Travel Sales

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[SELL] Vancouver Canada and San Jose USA Travel Sales

Unread postby inferno_822 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:29 pm  

Greeting all,

I will be coming to Canada and USA this month from 17th Aug to Early September for leisure and wanna let go some cards in my collection to the mates in Canada and USA, please let me know which deck you want so i can bring along for my travel :) please note all price is in USD, discount will be given will purchase more decks :D

Bocopo's Art of Cardistry - 20$
Black Lions 2nd - 10$
Black Tiger Ohio White Pips - 20$
Jenkin Wong's Card Clip Black (Good Quality) - 12$
Bocopo's Cardistry Deck Limited of 5000 - 18$
Chicken Nugget Blue Red White of 3 deck set - 60$
Bicycle Vintage Fan Back (Blue Seal)- 30$
Flying Machine - 12$
Frostbite - 20$
Fulton Oct v1 & v2 set - 45$
Gold Gatorbacks
Guardian - 10$
ICO - 20$
Bocopo's Lovely Bear deck set (light blue and pink) - 22$
Madison Select - 60$
Mondrian playing cards - 20$
NOC Summer V3S - 22$
Odyssey Playing Cards - 65$
Orbit V3 - 16$
Russian Folks - 15$
SoC V2 & V3 set - 35$
D&D Ultimate deck - 25$
Visa Red & Blue playing cards set 25$
Whispering Imps Private Reverse (black) 70%
XCM Viper - 30$

Please email me to make arrangement and inquiry terryquan822@gmail.com

Thanks, Cheers all :)
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