[EBAY] NetEnt deck

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[EBAY] NetEnt deck

Unread postby Stockholm17 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:04 am  

Hi guys!
I am posting this one to let you know that the seller is 100% ok, an ex colleague from NetEnt.
He has got a few decks that he is willing to sell via ebay. It is not me, so do not write mail to me because I cannot help :)

The story of this deck in a few words.
Illustrated by multiple artists (me included, the tuckbox is my design plus a few cards) from and for the company Net Entertainment AB, based in Stockholm.
It was supposed to be given to clients as gift.
1000 units printed in Sweden by Offason.
Only the cards are wrapped in plastic, the tuckbox was not because printed by another company.
As far as remember the majority of the decks went to Malta, a few dozens remained in Stockholm for employees and a mini reserve that went forgotten I guess. Employees come and go.

Quite rare, if interested here is the link

Good luck!
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