Missing features/fields in new P52 Update from Oct 2016

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Missing features/fields in new P52 Update from Oct 2016

Unread postby ecNate » Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:08 pm  

Some of this is known and some won't change, but I thought it appropriate to document what is missing and so the community can weigh in on how big of a deal it is, or isn't.

- Missing trade list and previously amazing match list function: This was a much touted feature of P52, but Alex had concerns about privacy so if this comes back it may need a revamp and more careful opt in settings.
- Missing brand field: We had initially put into the guidelines to hard code the brand in brackets (eg. [Bicycle]) within the title, but then we got the brand field. For some reason that was completely dropped and as a result I assume we lost a lot of data and feature. Yeah it's still searchable (if search is improved or people search right), but having a special field and being able to filter on it was ideal.
- Lost messaging feature: This was a problem in some ways and under utilized, but the loss of this means it's more difficult for admins and approves to give feedback or contact users. The only option is email which may not be desired for privacy reasons and requires added steps.

I know there's a bunch of other things, but I wanted to get it started. This isn't including the already existing bug reports, which I am hoping to clean up a bit for Alex since some were removed or are non-issues with the new version.
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