[FEATURE] Discover decks by Year

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[FEATURE] Discover decks by Year

Unread postby sms69x » Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:40 pm  

I think that would be nice to have the possibility to discover decks by year, similar to what is already implemented for QUANTITY; COLOR; TUCK; STOCK and STYLE.

To be honest I find the find by Year more useful than the filters already implement! Hope this feature can be implented.
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Re: [FEATURE] Discover decks by Year

Unread postby IAmTheChin » Thu May 11, 2017 11:21 pm  

You can manually search in the tool bar by year. Are you looking for more of a "window" of time like years 2000-2010? I can implement that but I've never seen non-specific years as a big request before.
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Re: [FEATURE] Discover decks by Year

Unread postby ecNate » Mon May 22, 2017 11:59 am  

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Part of the problem here, is that without a direct field to reference it's not possible to get a definitive list. True I can search for say '1972' and get a ton of hits, including those where that was the year it was printed, but it will also include decks that had a kickstarter in that year and not delivered (if I used a more recent date), a replica deck based on that year, decks where the artist started design work or was born/died, etc if that information is listed anywhere in the description field.

This is even more of an issue with the removal of other fields like Brand is you have to rely on a general text search which will pull from all fields including description. Because of the problems above, finding Bicycle decks isn't possible with a general search because many deck descriptions will state 'also available in a branded Bicycle deck version'.

Then there's the problem of replica/facsimile decks not have an original deck date field. There's no way to find a deck based on when the deck it was based on in a search.

This is all in addition to a general desire to sort decks by year or find a range of all decks from a decade. Here is where it may be an option to also include replica decks created after this date, but if the original deck date is in a field it could then be found.

Given other issues I don't know where this one fits, but hopefully this helps understand the wish.
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