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Magic/Storage Deck of cards

Unread postby Silvester » Wed Jan 06, 2016 6:44 am  

I thought some of you might get a kick out of seeing something I made a few years ago.

This is a custom deck that I made for my proposal. The trick, which I wont elaborate on too much here, was heavily influenced by Derren Brown's "Smoke" for the sleights and style of the trick. The reveal card was the 3 of Hearts that was inside this box in the sealed and cello wrapped tuck case.

The reveal card was a standard backed card so it stood out nicely, and sat nicely over the opening of the box. It was facedown and using a very simple direction sleight I turned the card over to reveal the face of the card without revealing the cutout in the box. That way when the card was taken off the top it was an additional beat to the trick rather than the reveal.

inside the box was a plain white envelope made out of flash paper, i lit it from the candle on the table and when she saw the ring there were happy tears.

1. cut the cards one at a time, this thing sets as hard as rock. I sliced my finger open trying to make the first one.
2. I heavily suggest using magnets in the corners, this box "snaps" shut. be smart about the polarity of the magnets.
3. I used the 1800 deck for a few reasons, the best reason was that the edges of the deck don't remain pristine after the gluing so the worn looking decks conceal this far better than a standard deck.
4. keep the deck super flat when gluing,
5. keep the deck the correct thickness (sometimes this means using one less card),
6. make sure your magnets are invisible.
7. make the inside of the box nice. It looks terrible if it looks like the outside edges.

8. Post your boxes in reply to this thread please, I'd like to see any that others have made.

Sorry about the link to my website, the photos are too big to be uploaded here. Also disregard the rest of the site, it hasn't been updated in about a year.

See the pictures here:
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