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Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Several users and I have created this subforum because aside from the fantastic, modern decks we love and collect; we share a passion for playing cards from days of yore and from all corners of the world. This niche is to display, admire, discuss and discover vintage playing cards from all over and we welcome anyone willing to share them with us!

Guidelines on how to format your posts aren't set in stone, but here are a few tips:

- Images: The more pictures the better! UC allows four attachments per post. But you can always upload them to any image server for a much larger limit.
- Format: Show at least one suit of courts and a representative pip card. Include the identifying card that has the maker name, and the card back. If it's a particularly beautiful or interesting deck, or the pip cards are unique, feel free to show as much as you want.
- Information: Tell us as much as possible: Country, region, year, printer, publisher, artist, etc. If you don't know much about the deck, post it anyways! We have compiled several useful resources you are welcome to check out that might help you or someone else identify them.

Thank you!
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