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Kickstarter: Project Index

Unread postby montecarlojoe » Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:53 pm  

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Active project
Funded project
Funded and fulfilled project ('Hall of Fame')
Funded and unsuccessful project ('Hall of Shame')
¡ Indiegogo Project

Symbols and Colour Coding

To match the suits to the indexing system I looked to some of the symbolism associated with the suits. I chose the French cartomancy tradition as noted here.

: Work, Effort, Achievements - A perfect fit for the effort of creation, and striving towards a successful project. I'm using a 'traffic light' system for funded projects , so the blue is used as a distinct but positive colour.

: Money, Risk, Excitement - The project has funded, the money has been taken... Will it deliver? Can you wait to get that deck in your hands?? The Amber colour represents the unknown success of the project.

: Love, Joy, Happiness - The project has fulfilled, everyone's happy that they have their rewards - and you love that deck! Green for go! A positive outcome.

: Problems, Disappointments, Sickness - The project has failed or been so delayed to be beyond redemption. Backers are sick of the lack of communication, or the excuses. Red for stop! A negative outcome.

Click any coloured symbol to jump into the relevant Kickstarter project listing thread.
Click any project name to jump to the Kickstarter project page.


1876, A.Dougherty Triplicate Playing Cards Restoration USPCC
2014 Playing Cards Series
4 Horsemen Playing Cards. Art by Krinkels!
4:20-52 Playing Card deck
8-bit, Bicycle Playing Cards
8-Bit Bicycle© Playing Cards The Traditional Decks


? AcePunk Playing Cards
[Actuators] Lance T. Miller's Steampunk Playing Cards
[Actuators] Black and White Lance T. Miller's Steampunk Playing Cards
The Æsir Deck- Viking Gods on Playing Cards
Alpha Kappa
Alice of Wonderland Playing Cards - Gold & Silver Editions
All Jokers Transformation Playing Cards
Allure Bicycle Playing Cards Deck
Allure WHITE Bicycle Playing Cards
Amazing Adventurers - Steampunk Playing Cards Deck (Bicycle® )
'Americana' Playing Card Deck
Americana Deck: A Tribute to the Legends Past and Present
Ancient Machine, Bicycle Playing Cards
Animal Instinct Playing Card Deck
ANIMALIA: Tails Imperium Playing Card Deck
Apocalyptica Playing Cards Deck- The World Ends (Bicycle)
AQUILA Playing Cards
Arcana Playing Cards
'Army Men' Playing Card Deck (Bicycle)
ARRCO U.S. Reg. Playing Cards, Reprinted
Asylum Playing Cards
Atelier Playing Cards
AVES: Bicycle playing cards


BADASS: Spades & Grenades - Playing Cards with Balls
Believe Playing Cards by USPCC and System 6 Magic
Blackout Kingdom Playing Cards
Black Book Manifesto Playing Card Deck
Black book of Cards, The
Black Tie, (Bicycle) Playing Cards
Blue Blood Playing Cards
Blueblood Redux Limited Edition Playing Cards
Blue & White Collar
"Bohemia" Playing Cards Deck
Borderline Playing Cards, printed by USPC
Breaking Bad Playing Cards by Albino Dragon
Brimstone - Metallic Gold Accented Card Deck
Brimstone Limited Edition, Bicycle
Brite Neon Deck
British Monarchy Tally-Ho
Broken Spell - Card Deck Project
Bunny with a Toolbelt (The), Multifunctional Card Deck!


Calaveras — Playing cards inspired by the Day of the Dead
Care & Feeding of Baby Dragons Book & Deck
Cats! A 54-Card Deck of Cat Playing Cards
Call of Cthulhu Playing Cards
Call of Cthulhu: The Writhing Dark - Playing Cards and Tarot
Caravan of SEE'ers Custom Playing Cards
Carbon Fiber Playing Cards
Celtic Knot: Playing Cards Ceilteach revised
Celtic Playing Cards
Chess Playing Cards
Choice Playing Cards
Civil Unrest Custom Playing Cards by USPCC
Classic Console
Classic Monsters Playing Cards, Bicycle
Clipped Wings Playing Card Deck - USPCC Printed
CMYK Playing Cards USPCC deck
Coat of Arms - Playing Card Deck
Collectors Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck
Colonial Unrest Playing Cards
Comic Cards, Playing Cards (Bicycle©)
Confidence Deck Playing Cards, The. by Bedeceived
CORE: Playing Cards
Coven, The - Playing Cards
Creature Cards - monstrous playing cards for games or rpgs
Creepy Playing Cards (Bicycle)
Cthulhu Bicycle® Playing Card Decks
CTHULHU: The Great Old One - Card Game & Bicycle Deck
Cubist Republic, The. Card Deck
Cult Movie Cards


Dale Mathis Mechanical 3D Metal Playing Cards
Daily Critter Playing cards
Dark Templar Playing Cards deck (Bicycle)
Deck of Legends
Deck of Skeletons. Vintage Playing Cards.
Deck of the Living Dead
Decks of The Aftermath vol.1
Decked Out: Fashion Playing Cards
Defunctorum Cruor
Delicious sv
"Demon Deck" Playing Cards
Density Playing Card Deck — Printed by USPCC
Design Deck, The: Graphic Design Playing Cards
Dia de Los Muertos Bicycle Playing Cards
Diamond Cut Playing Cards Deck
Different Deck - Playing Cards Reinvented
Different Playing Cards - Collectibe Greenback Deck
Disruption Playing Cards, Bicycle
DIVINE Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck
'Double Black' Limited Edition Playing Cards (Bicycle®)
DRACONIAN Playing Cards
Dragon Dynasty Bicycle® Playing Cards
Dragon Tome (Dragon Crate)
Dragon Scale: Playing Cards


Earth Dragons & Other Rare Creatures
Ebru playing cards deck
EclecDeck Transformation Playing Cards
'Eclipse' Playing Card Deck
Eclipse Playing Cards (Bicycle) By: Hidden Mirrors
? Edinburgh Playing Cards
Bicycle Eerie Playing Cards (Vintage Horror Playing Cards)
ELEMENTS Playing Cards, THE
Elegance Playing Cards, Bicycle Limited Edition
EMPIRE Playing Cards - Built to Conquer
EMPIRE 'Bloodlines' Playing Cards & Warrior Card Armour
Emperor Playing Cards by USPCC, (Bicycle®)
Essence Playing Cards, (Bicycle®)
EVOLUTION Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck
Excellence Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck
EXPLORE playing cards
Extraordinary Voyages, Deck of the


Fairy Tale Art Playing Cards: Art by Arthur Rackham
Fanangled Playing Card Deck – v 2.0 – USPCC
Famous Game Designer Playing Cards 2014
Federal 52
Federal 52 Part 2
Feminist Playing Cards
Feudal - Ninja and Samurai
FINE LINE: Playing Cards in Pictures & Words
Fire Dragons & Other Rare Creatures Book & Playing Cards
Fishing For Compliments Playing Cards
Flame Fractals in Spades Playing Cards
The Flight Deck: The Dawn of Aviation Playing Cards
Fontaine Playing Cards ¡
Fontaine, Black Playing Cards
Fontaine, Blue Playing Cards
Forbidden Kingdoms Playing Cards Deck
Founders Playing Cards
Four Beasts
Four Point Playing Cards - USPCC Printed
Four Seasons, The
The Frontier Deck
Full Moon


GALAXY CARDS ~Designer Playing Cards~
Galaxy Cards 2nd Edition
Galaxy Cards Infinity Edition
Galvanic Playing Cards Designed by Sean Whelan
Gangsters Playing Cards
Gentlemen 52, The : Bicycle® Playing Cards with a Hairy Twist
Get MADE! Mob-Themed USPCC BICYCLE® Playing Card Decks
Gettysburg Playing Cards
Ghostbusters Playing Cards
Glass Legends Playing Card Deck
GLITCH Playing Cards printed with ♥ by USPCC
Global Unrest Custom Playing Cards by USPCC
Gods of Mythology Playing Cards (Bicycle)
GOLD Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck
Golden Age Horror Comic Book Cover Playing Cards
Golden Spike Bicycle® Playing Cards
The Goonies Bicycle Playing Cards by USPCC
Gothique Playing Cards
Grain Back, The. Playing Cards Limted Edition
Grid, The
Grid 2.0
The Grimoire Series, Pt. 1
"Grotesque" deck of playing cards - UnitedCardists2014


Haggis & Ross Clan deck
Hardwood Playing Cards
Haunted Playing Cards (Bicycle)
Hawaiian Playing Cards, USPCC, Bicycle Stock
"HEDGE, THE" Bicycle® Maze Playing Card Deck
Heretic Playing Cards
Heroes Cards
"HOTCAKES" Limited Edition Playing Cards
Hundred Years' War Playing Cards, Bicycle®


ICON Playing Cards
"ICONS" Playing Cards - Imperial edition
Illusionist Deck: Bicycle Playing Cards, Magician inspired
IMPERIAL Playing Cards - Designed by Randy Butterfield
Impressions Playing Cards
Independence, The - Playing cards inspired by The Revolution
Interlace Playing Cards Printed by BOTH Bicycle & Legends!
Irish Gaelic Playing Cards, The: A Lost Language Lesson
IRON KINGS, playing cards
Islet Playing Cards
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Re: Kickstarter: Project Index

Unread postby montecarlojoe » Thu Feb 20, 2014 8:28 pm  


Jetsetter Playing Cards


KADAR deck of playing cards Designed by Christopher J Gould
Killer Clowns Playing Cards (Bicycle)
King of Kings Bicycle Playing Cards Printed by USPCC
Kingdoms of a New World Playing Cards
Kingdoms of Erden Fantasy Playing Cards. Bicycle
Kingdoms of Erden Deck 2
Kingdoms of Erden: Hearts of Darkness
Krazy Kats Playing Cards for cat lovers


Lakota Playing Cards
Lambda Red & Blue Playing Cards
League of Monsters, The. PLAYING CARDS!
Leaf Back Playing Cards (Gold Edition)
Leonardo | Art Playing Cards
Life Comes In #
"Love is ..."
Love is a Smoke
"Lumberjacks, The" Playing Cards Deck (Bicycle®)
Lumberjacks, The - 2nd Edition


Made in the USA
Majestic Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck
Malam Playing Cards Inspired by Native American Gaming.
Mana Playing Cards
Mardi Gras Playing Cards
Mayhem Playing Cards deck, Bicycle
MCAD Deck of Cards: 54 Artists, 54 Designs
Medusa Playing Cards Deck
Meeple Playing Cards - Final Hours!
Melies Playing Cards, The. printed by USPCC.
Memento Playing Cards
Meridian Bicycle Playing Cards TPXDesigns
METAL RIDER BACK Playing Cards by Max, bicycle
Metal Playing Cards, Stainless Steel & Copper + Bicycle deck
Metal Playing Cards: Titanium, Brass, & Copper
Metropol LUX Playing Cards
Metropol NOX Playing Cards
Michael Frömmer's 1616 Silver Bicycle® Playing Cards
Minimalist Deck, The: Helvetica. Modern Bicycle Playing Cards
Mirror Deck, The. Gaffed Playing Cards
Moku Hanga
MPC Pre-release Limited Edition Playing Cards
Muertos - Day of the Dead Playing Cards
Mustache Playing Cards - a USPC card deck from Vända
MYTHOS: NECRONOMICON, Bicycle® Playing Cards


Name of the Wind, The
Native Art Playing Cards
Neverland Bicycle Playing Cards
New York Lights Playing Cards Deck
No.17 v2
Noble (Special Edt.) Playing Cards


Occults Playing Cards Deck, Bicycle
Olde Bones: Deck of the Dead Playing Cards - Printed by USPC
Old Masters Playing Cards (Bicycle)
Oracle - Mystifying Playing Cards
The Orbit Deck
Origins Playing Cards
ORNATE Playing Cards: White Edition


Pack of Dogs Playing Cards: Pedigree Poker
PAGAN Custom Playing Cards
Panthera Playing Cards, Bicycle
Parrots of the World Playing Cards
Patriot Playing Cards
Pedale Design Playing Cards (V1)
Permaculture Playing Cards
Persian Empire, The - A NEW Bicycle Playing Card Deck.
Persian Empire, The. (Royal Edition)
Persian Empire, The. (Royal Edition)
Physique Playing Cards printed by USPCC
Pippoglyph Playing Cards
Pirate cARRds
Pirate Cowboy Viking Ninja
Pixel Lincoln: Bicycle Playing Cards
PLATINUM Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck
Play Fair
Playing Arts - A Deck of Poker Cards by 54 Top Artists
Playing Cards
Plugged Nickel Playing Cards, Printed by USPCC
Pocket Time Machine Playing Cards
Pocono Modern Playing Cards - A Mid Century inspired deck
Pocono Retro Deck
Portland Places: The Illustrated Card Deck
Póstumo - The Deck of the Dead
Princess Birde Playing Cards, The


'Quicksilver' Playing Cards Deck


Radical 80's playing cards by BICYCLE®
RAGE Face Playing Cards
Redcore Playing Cards, Bicycle
Refined Bicycle Playing Cards by USPCC Twins Edition
Renaissance Playing Cards
Requiem Playing Cards Deck
"Revenge" Playing Cards
Revision 1 - Drafting Themed Bicycle® Playing Cards
RITUAL Playing Cards Deck by Elite Playing Cards
Bicycle Robotics
Royal Dinosaur Playing Cards
ROYAL OPTIK Playing Card Deck
Royal Wilderness - Bicycle Playing Cards
Russian Folk Art
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Re: Kickstarter: Project Index

Unread postby montecarlojoe » Wed Mar 12, 2014 5:07 pm  


SANK! Artist Playing Cards
Saturn Playing Cards
Sawdust: Circus Playing Card Deck - USPCC Printed
Scarlett Tally Ho Playing Cards
Science Deck Playing Cards, The
SEASONS Playing Cards - A Changing Series
Seelie: Playing Cards with a Touch of Fairy Magic
Shannon Young's Derby Playing Card Deck - Printed by USPC
Sherlock Holmes-a playing card deck
Sherlock Holmes - Moriarty Edition Reprint
Sherlock Holmes Museum in Playing Card
Silly Macabre Playing Card Art Deck
Skull Limited Edition Color Playing Cards Decks, Bicycle
Sky Descender Playing Cards, Bicycle
SPECTRUM deck playing cards (The)
Spectrum 52 & Spectrum EDGE
Spirit Playing Cards Printed By USPCC (Bicycle)
Split Suit Playing Cards
"Stained Glass" Playing Cards
Starlight Playing Cards, Bicycle
Starlight Black Hole Playing Cards, Bicycle
Stealth Playing Cards
Steampunk Bandits, Bicycle
Steampunk Beginnings Playing Cards.
Steampunk Playing Cards (By Reagan)
Steampunk Cthulhu Bicycle® Playing Cards
Steampunk Cthulhu Resurrection Playing Cards
Steampunk Goggles Playing Cards Deck - USPCC Bicycle ®
Steampunk Pirates Bicycle Playing Cards
Steel Playing Cards deckn (Bicycle)
Story Time Playing Cards: Fairy Tales, Folklore, & Mythology
Storyteller Cards: A Playing Card Deck To Inspire Creativity
"Sultana" Playing Cards, inspired by ancient deck! USPCC
Super Suits: Playing Cards
Surena: The Persian Bicycle Playing Cards - USPCC
Synthesis Cyberpunk Playing Cards by Albino Dragon


Tacoma Artist Playing Cards
Tallans Playing Cards
TATTOO Golden Edition Playing Cards
Tendril - Custom Playing Cards from Encarded
Tendril Ascendant & Nightfall - Encarded Playing Cards
TENEBRE Playing Cards by 4PM DESIGNS
Tinker Deck - Steampunk Playing Cards
Titanic Playing Cards, Bicycle®
The Triangles Prototype playing cards
"Trips and sips of Thomas Tippins, The"--The Drinking Deck
Type Deck, The - Typography Playing Cards printed by USPCC
Typestache Playing Cards


Ultimate Universe Playing Cards
Ultimate Zombies Playing Cards USPCC Bicycle®
ULTRAVIOLET // Playing cards from beta17
Unique Designs Playing Cards Playing Cards (Bicycle)
Urban Punk Bicycle Playing Cards
US ARMY Playing Cards
Bicycle US Presidents Playing Cards
"Uusi Classic"


Vända - playing cards redesigned
"Venexiana" deck of playing cards, (Bicycle)
Venexiana Dark playing cards
Vict Playing Cards
Victorian Adventure, A - Custom Bicycle Playing Cards
Viking, Playing Cards for Conquerors, USPCC
Vintage Vampires
Vortex Playing Cards
Voyager Bicycle® Playing Cards
Voyager Playing Cards (Melies)


War of Currents Playing Cards
War of Kings, A - Playing cards with a fantasy art twist.
Whispering Imps™ Playing Cards
Whispering Imps®: Gamesters
Whispering Imps®: Limited Edition Gamesters
White Rabbit, The
Wild Edible Poker Cards
Wine Deck, The
Wizard of Oz




Z Deck, The - A new card game platform
Zombie Playing Cards
Zombie Black Playing Cards (with Grave Digger Card Game)
Zombie Origin Deck of Cards & Bonus Zombies Arrgh! Game
Zombie Riders Bicycle© Playing Cards.
Zombie White Playing Cards - Grave Digger Card Game


Genesis Series, Bicycle® Playing Cards by TPX Designs Pledged: $17,180
Whist the project funded, financial issues forced the creator to refund his backers. The deck was eventually produced, but not by Bicycle/USPCC and not as a Kickstarter Project.
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Re: Kickstarter: Project Index

Unread postby montecarlojoe » Sun Sep 14, 2014 2:58 pm  

Kickstarter Project Launches

•Add to Project Index (blue spot)
•Add to Active Projects

Kickstarter Project Ends

Did the project reach funding?


•Update Project Index (amber spot)
•Remove from Active Projects
•Add to Funded Projects
•Remove from Project Index
•Remove from Active Projects

Kickstarter Project starts production and shipping

Did the project fulfil its rewards before going 6 months (183 days) overdue?


•Update Project Index (green spot)
•Remove from Funded Projects
•Add to 'Hall of Fame'
•Update Project Index (red spot)
•Remove from Funded Projects
•Add to 'Hall of Shame'
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