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Kickstarter "Hall of Fame"

Unread postby montecarlojoe » Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:49 pm  

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1st - $589,660

2nd - $188,005

3rd - $149,156


FUNDED: BETWEEN $100000 TO $149999

FUNDED: BETWEEN $75000 TO $99999

FUNDED: BETWEEN $50000 TO $74999

FUNDED: BETWEEN $25000 TO $49999

THE GRID, A Bicycle® Playing Card Deck by 4PM DESIGNS Pledged: $47,444
GRID 2.0 Bicycle® Playing Cards Pledged: $46,092
"Bohemia" Playing Cards Deck Pledged: $46,078
"HOTCAKES" Limited Edition Playing Cards Pledged: $46,000
Golden Spike Pledged: $45,608
"Grotesque" deck of playing cards - UnitedCardists2014 Pledged: $45,381
EMPIRE Playing Cards - Built to Conquer Pledged: GB£29,782 (approx $45,250)
The Goonies Pledged: $44,647
Steampunk Pirates Bicycle Playing Cards - Printed by USPCC Pledged: $44,481
8-bit, Bicycle, Playing Cards Pledged: $43,896
CMYK Playing Cards USPCC deck Pledged: GB£25,706 (approx $42,739)
MYTHOS: NECRONOMICON, Bicycle® Playing Cards Pledged: $42,660
Tendril - Custom Playing Cards from Encarded Pledged: $41,648
Dragon Crate: Bicycle Playing Cards and Miniature Pledged: $41,566
Póstumo - The Deck of the Dead USPC-Printed Playing Cards Pledged: $39,392
The White Rabbit Playing Cards Pledged: $38,470
Requiem Playing Cards Deck - printed by USPCC Pledged: $38,412
EVOLUTION Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck Pledged: $37,732
Bicycle Dark Templar Playing Cards deck Pledged: $37,464
Clipped Wings Playing Card Deck Pledged: $36,469
1876, A.Dougherty Triplicate Playing Cards Restoration Pledged: $35,337
Whispering Imps™ Playing Cards Pledged: $34,128
The Flight Deck: The Dawn of Aviation Playing Cards Pledged: $34,290
Deck of the Extraordinary Voyages Pledged: $32,404
Playing Arts - A Deck of Poker Cards by 54 Top Artists Pledged: GBP £19,949 (Approx $31,945)
Mana Playing Cards Pledged: CAD$32,070 - $32,022
DIVINE Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck Pledged: $31,823
Bicycle Limited Edition Elegance Playing Cards Pledged: $31,285
The Frontier Deck Pledged: $29,730
Bicycle METAL RIDER BACK Playing Cards by Max Pledged: $29,305
Sawdust: Circus Playing Card Deck Pledged: $29,091
Steampunk Goggles Pledged: $28,987
Blueblood Redux Limited Edition Playing Cards Pledged: $28,558
Neverland Pledged: $28,269
Hardwood Playing Cards Pledged: $27,879
Vända - playing cards redesigned Pledged: $27,553
Return of the Deck of the Living Dead Pledged: $27,544
AQUILA Playing Cards Pledged: $27,421
'Americana' Playing Card Deck Pledged: $26,953
PLATINUM Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck Pledged: $26,854
Steampunk Cthulhu Bicycle® Playing Cards Pledged: $26,520
8-Bit Bicycle© Playing Cards The Traditional Decks Pledged: $26,325

FUNDED: BETWEEN $10000 TO $24999

The Design Deck: a Playing-Card Guide to Graphic Design Pledged: $24,747 (CAD $27.215)
AVES Pledged: $23,924
Tinker Deck - Steampunk Playing Cards Pledged: $23,743
Allure Bicycle Playing Cards Deck Pledged: $23,678
Bicycle® Hundred Years' War Playing Cards Pledged: $23,335
Bicycle "Venexiana" deck of playing cards Pledged: $23,089
RITUAL Playing Cards Deck by Elite Playing Cards Pledged: $23,055
Bicycle® Apocalyptica Playing Cards Deck- The World Ends Pledged: $22,864
Lance T. Miller's Steampunk Playing Cards Black and White Pledged: $22,442
Blackout Kingdom Pledged: $22,351
Steampunk Cthulhu Resurrection Pledged: $21,631
Tacoma Artist Playing Cards Pledged: $21,532
Fontaine Playing Cards Pledged: $21,549
Four Point Playing Cards - USPCC Printed Pledged: $21,436
Majestic Bicycle® Playing Cards Deck Pledged: $21,248
The SPECTRUM deck playing cards Pledged: $21,141
Brimstone - Metallic Gold Accented Card Deck Pledged: $20,983
Dragon Scale: Playing Cards Pledged: $20,751
KADAR deck Pledged: $20,567 (£12,613)
Blue Blood Playing Cards Pledged: $19,138
FINE LINE: Playing Cards in Pictures & Words Pledged: $19,114 .
DRACONIAN Pledged: $18,912
Medusa Playing Cards Deck Pledged: $18,789
IMPERIAL Playing Cards - Designed by Randy Butterfield Pledged: $18,033
Bicycle® Emperor Playing Cards by USPCC Pledged: $18,209
Old MastersPledged: $18,095
Bicycle Occults Playing Cards DeckPledged: $18,095
Colonial Unrest Playing CardsPledged: $18,018
Allure WHITE Bicycle Playing Cards Pledged: $17,685
Illusionist Deck: Bicycle Playing Cards, Magician inspired Pledged: $17,604
New Release : Urban Punk Bicycle Playing Cards Pledged: $17,260
Native Art Playing Cards Pledged: $17,000
Plugged Nickel Playing Cards, Printed by USPCC Pledged: $16,777
Haggis & Ross Clan deck Pledged: $16,410
TENEBRE Playing Cards by 4PM DESIGNS Pledged: $16,244
Density Playing Card Deck — Printed by USPCC Pledged: $16,222
Surena: The Persian Bicycle Playing Cards - USPCC Pledged: $16,135
Olde Bones: Deck of the Dead Playing Cards - Printed by USPC Pledged: $16,106 (CAD $17,301)
The Persian Empire (Royal Edition) - Bicycle Playing Cards Pledged: $16,096
Storyteller Cards: A Playing Card Deck To Inspire Creativity Pledged: $15,990
GLITCH Playing Cards printed with ♥ by USPCC Pledged: $15,838
Bicycle Black Tie Playing Cards Pledged: $15,803
The Minimalist Deck: Helvetica. Pledged: $15,791
Borderline Playing Cards Pledged: $15,731
Bicycle® Amazing Adventurers - Steampunk Playing Cards Deck Pledged: $15,690
King of Kings Bicycle Playing Cards Printed by USPCC Pledged: $15,684
Shannon Young's Derby Deck Pledged: $15,516
The Science Deck Playing Cards Pledged: $15,426 (AUD $16,453)
Ultimate Zombies Playing Cards USPCC Bicycle® Pledged: $15,407
The Bunny with a Toolbelt Multifunctional Card Deck! Pledged: $14,742
War of Currents Playing Cards Pledged: $14,683
Fire Dragons & Other Rare Creatures Book & Playing Cards Pledged: $14,249
Comic Cards, Bicycle Pledged: $14,209
Decked Out: Fashion Playing Cards Pledged: $14,156
Global Unrest Custom Playing Cards Pledged: $14,145
TATTOO Golden Edition Playing Cards Pledged: $13,877 (CAD 15,331)
Bicycle Starlight Playing Cards Pledged: $13,832
Dragon Dynasty Bicycle® Playing Cards Pledged: $13,741 (£8,210)
Pocono Modern Playing Cards - A Mid Century inspired deck Pledged: $13,040
The Persian Empire - A NEW Bicycle Playing Card Deck. Pledged: $13,021
A War of Kings - Playing cards with a fantasy art twist. Pledged: $13,018
Feminist Playing Cards Pledged: $12,954
Creature Cards - monstrous playing cards for games or rpgs Pledged: $12,749
Cult Movie Cards Pledged: $12,626 (GBP £7420)
Believe Playing Cards by USPCC and System 6 Magic Pledged: $12,369
Metropol NOX Playing Cards Pledged: CAD$12,851 = Approx $12,113
Voyager Bicycle® Playing Cards Pledged: $12,068
Radical 80's playing cards by BICYCLE® Pledged: $11,945
The Melies Playing Cards printed by USPCC Pledged: $11,797
Civil Unrest Custom Playing Cards by USPCC Pledged: $11,781
Gothique Playing Cards Pledged: $11,761
Pack of Dogs Pledged: $11,699
Bicycle Killer Clowns Playing Cards Pledged: $11,617
'Eclipse' Playing Card Deck Pledged: $11,335
Bicycle Eclipse Playing Cards By: Hidden Mirrors Pledged: $11,314
The Gentlemen 52: Bicycle® Playing Cards with a Hairy Twist Pledged: $11,221
The Confidence Deck Playing Cards by Bedeceived Pledged: $11,040
Ebru Pledged: $10,888
Lance Miller's New Steampunk Playing Card Deck Pledged: $10,707
Pixel Lincoln: Bicycle Playing Cards Pledged: $10,614
Bicycle Creepy Playing Cards Pledged: $10,587
Galvanic Playing Cards Designed by Sean Whelan Pledged: $10,532
Pharaoh Playing Cards by USPCC Pledged: $10,226
Celtic Playing Cards Pledged: $10,040


MPC Pre-release Limited Edition Playing Cards Pledged: $9,937 (CAD $8,997)
Classic MonstersPledged: $9,878
The Æsir Deck- Viking Gods Pledged: $9,609
Physique Playing Cards printed by USPCC Pledged: $9,569
"Sultana" Playing Cards, inspired by ancient deck! USPCC Pledged: $9,481
Decks of The Aftermath vol.1 Pledged: $9,390 (GBP £5844)
Vict Playing Cards Pledged: $9,270
Grave Digger Card Game with Zombie Black Playing Cards Pledged: $9,230
Pippoglyph Playing Cards Pledged: $9,226
Bicycle Haunted Playing Cards Pledged: $9,119
Pocket Time Machine Playing Cards Pledged: $8,922
Zombie Riders Bicycle© Playing Cards Pledged: $8,895
Bicycle Eerie Playing Cards (Vintage Horror Playing Cards) Pledged: $8,664
Fanangled Playing Card Deck – v 2.0 – USPCC Pledged: $8,607
Parrots of the World Playing Cards Pledged: $8,834
4 Horsemen Playing Cards. Art by Krinkels! Pledged: $8,347
Royal Dinosaur Playing Cards Pledged: $8,132
Voyager Playing Cards Pledged: $8,112
Sky Descender Pledged: $7,916
A Deck of Skeletons Pledged: $7,623
The Z Deck - A new card game platform Pledged: $7,551
Bicycle® "The Lumberjacks" Playing Cards Deck Pledged: $7,500
Bicycle Gods of Mythology Playing Cards Pledged: $7,244
Disruption Pledged: $7,215
The Mirror Deck Gaffed Playing Cards Pledged: $7,215
Super Suits: Playing Cards Pledged: $7,114
Bicycle Playing Cards Pledged: $7,074
Bicycle Brimstone Limited Edition By Playing Cards Dot Net Pledged: $7,001
Broken Spell - Card Deck Project Pledged: $6,711
ANIMALIA: Tails Imperium Playing Card Deck Pledged: $6,464
Meeple Playing Cards Pledged: $6,461
Bicycle Skull Limited Edition Color Pledged: $6,333
Wild Edible Poker Cards Pledged: $6,212
Pirate cARRds Pledged: $6,011
Famous Game Designer Playing Cards 2014 Pledged: $5,931
The Irish Gaelic Playing Cards: A Lost Language LessonPledged: $5,884
Sherlock Holmes Museum in Playing CardsPledged: $5,798 (CAD $6358)
Blue & White Collar Pledged: $5,749
GALAXY CARDS ~Designer Playing Cards~ Pledged: $5,652
Caravan of SEE'ers Custom Playing Cards Pledged: $5,527
Fairy Tale Art Playing Cards: Art by Arthur Rackham Pledged: $5,251
EclecDeck Transformation Playing Cards Pledged: $5,205
Bicycle Panthera Playing Cards Pledged: $4,979
(GC:2E Ninja Funding) Galaxy Cards 2nd Edition Pledged: $4,812
∞ Infinity Edition Galaxy Cards ∞ Pledged: $4,587
"Demon Deck" Playing Cards Pledged: $4,498
Flame Fractals in Spades Playing Cards Pledged: $4,303
MCAD Deck of Cards: 54 Artists, 54 Designs Pledged: $4,227
Renaissance Playing Cards Pledged: $4,089
Zombie White playing cards and Grave Digger card gamePledged: $3,887
Kingdoms of Erden Limited Edition Fantasy Playing Cards.Pledged: $2,772
Bicycle Leaf Back (Gold Edition)Pledged: $3,101
2014 Playing Cards Series Pledged: $2,705
Animal Instinct Playing Card Deck Pledged: $2,650
Guild Playing Cards Pledged: $2,548
Forbidden Kingdoms Playing Cards Deck Pledged: $2,413
Cats! A 54-Card Deck of Cat Playing Cards Pledged: $2,260
IRON KINGS, playing cards Pledged: $2,245
ReDraw Pledged: $2,191
SANK! Artist Playing Cards Pledged: GBP£1,210 (approx $2,015)
Glass Legends Playing Card Deck Pledged: $1,990
Krazy Kats Playing Cards for cat lovers Pledged: $1,940
The Grain Back Playing Cards Limted Edition - Posters Left! Pledged: $1,870 (GBP£1,142)
"Stained Glass" Playing Cards Pledged: $1,797
Lambda Red & Blue Pledged: $1,779 (GPB£1,036)
The League of Monsters PLAYING CARDS! Pledged: $1,719
Zombie Origin Deck of Cards & Bonus Zombies Arrgh! Game Pledged: $1,559
Typestache Playing Cards Pledged: $1,476
New York Lights Playing Cards Deck Pledged: $1,444
Made in the USA Pledged: $1,423
Playing Cards Pledged: $1,176
Golden Age Horror Comic Book Cover Playing Cards Pledged: $1,168
Portland Places: The Illustrated Card Deck Pledged: $720
Split Suit Playing Cards Pledged: $664
Gangsters Playing Cards Pledged: $576
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