readily available casino bee stock cards?

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readily available casino bee stock cards?

Unread postby darkinertia » Sat May 21, 2016 3:55 am  

im not exactly sure where to post this question but here it goes..

ive come to realize that by far my favorite decks always turn out to have the same thing in common: they usually come in the standard bee box. but the problem is, yeah i have wynns, watermelons, and a few random stinger style casino decks, but is there any cards out there printed on the thick casino bee stock with cambric finish that i can actually buy for normal deck prices with borders? youd think more kickstarter decks would do this considering casino decks are usually the sought after ones but its always bike stock magic finish. even the decks i have like the mechanics SAY theyre bee stock but they dont feel like it
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