Magic / cardistry education - Eric Stevens, one of the best

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Magic / cardistry education - Eric Stevens, one of the best

Unread postby Mike Ratledge » Thu May 07, 2015 4:27 pm  

Folks, if you are even remotely interested in magic, much less in the process of becoming a magician or cardist yourself, one of the things that puts you head and shoulders above the rest is attending lectures and/or presentations by someone who has already walked the road you are on.

Eric Stevens is - far and away - the best, easiest to learn from and willing to give individual help of any I have ever seen! "Duckie" was one of the speakers and gave a magic oriented magic teaching seminar at last weekend's 2nd Annual Asheville Magic Festival #AVLmagic (May 1, 2 & 3), and it was my pleasure to be a sponsor ( has sponsored him and the Hot Springs Arkansas Magic Festival last year) and also to be sitting in the front row while Eric showed off some of the many routines in his Skybound lecture notes (see pix - shows both Skybound and his previous notes "Happenstance") where he gave us detailed description and instruction on how to bring the magic to life for four of the routines in Skybound, and each was his unique perception and re-imagined (as well as re-engineered) version.

One thing that you have to get is the lecturer notes and perhaps even a gimmicked deck or two from him. It is money well spent and you will never find a better return on your minimal investment than these! Without getting deeper into specifics of those four routines, they all rely on gimmicks or gaff card(s), the latter of which you should be able to get at any local magic shop or elsewhere. Take the time to open your mind and expand your horizons, you will never regret it, in fact I personally guarantee that it will take you a significant step forward in your learning process. As Eric always says "Keep the Magic Alive" my friends!
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