Rev. Erdnase Tips

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Rev. Erdnase Tips

Unread postby UCUser » Sat Dec 06, 2014 11:52 pm  

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for any and all tips you may have on performing the Rev. Erdnase one hand cut from Dan and Dave's System.

Here's where I am and what I'm doing:

I'm focusing on my right hand for now. (I'll try the left hand once I get this down a little better.) I've found that clipping the deck between my thumb and pinky as in the video is fine. I also noticed that the index finger is pretty far to the edge of the deck (not out in the middle). If it's too far over there is not enough room to "clear" the stock between the thumb and pinky. It also seems that the stock in the pinky and thumb doesn't move back a whole lot. I guess this may be an individual hand flexibility issue. In my case I get very little motion at all. I've also found that getting my ring finger about in the middle of the spinning packet and index finger aligned somewhere about 1/3 of the way back. If all of this works the "spin" is pretty easy to do.

My problem is that I seem to loose the cards when I start the spin. It seems like I need a little bit more pressure on the packet. The packet seems to slide over my pinky instead of against it as in the video. Maybe I just need to extend my pinky a little bit. I feel like I'm following as closely as I can to the video, though I can't see all the angles. I see them, but the bottom action with the fingers is not shown. I'm also not using my middle finger at all. Or at least I'm trying not to. I keep it fully extended.

Does it sound like I'm doing this right? Are there any other good videos of this? I see one on youtube but he is using his middle finger to pop the cards up and this doesn't seem to match the Dan and Dave video. I'm sure it can be done however you want, but it feels more "natural" without the middle finger.


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