Avoid selling/buying with Mike Arko

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Avoid selling/buying with Mike Arko

Unread postby zomp » Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:11 pm  

I hate doing this, but this guy leaves me no other option. Since February, Mike Arko has owed me $75. It began with him misrepresenting a deck of cards that I purchased from him. He said he would refund my money if I returned the deck to him. I did so, but no refund. After about a month of me being patient, I asked for my money. He said he just had a daughter (which seems true given his Facebook pictures). So, I gave him more time. After about 3 or 4 weeks, I asked again. He said he had car troubles. I said I would be patient, but I needed my money. He said he understood. After several more weeks, I told him I was in desperate need for my money, and he said he was broke, but would pay me in installments, beginning with $20 after he received his paycheck the upcoming Friday. Monday rolls around, and no payment. It has been two weeks since then, and he has ignored all of my messages. I told him I would be doing this if I didn’t receive my money, and he still ignored my message. So – I’m letting all of you know that Mike Arko is a thief and a liar. If you are a friend of his, I apologize if this upsets you, but you should know about his dishonest and deceitful actions. If you are in the card collecting world, you should avoid him at all costs. IF I here from Mike and receive the money he owes me, I will publicly announce that he has made good on his debt. Until then (and I’m not holding my breath), he remains a lying thief.
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