Hello from Texas!

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Hello from Texas!

Unread postby iamarock » Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:05 pm  

Hi y'all.
I've been a rabid collector for about 7 years or so and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I can't count the number of hours I've spent just staring in awe at all my cards - at the amazing variety and beauty of the the decks and the artistry and creativity of their designers. Cards are the first and only things I've ever collected.

As much happiness as the adventure of collecting them has been (aka obsession), it's time that they go. I no longer have the means to adequately display them and they've just been sitting in the dark recently taking up space I need to get cleared out. I've got over 500 different decks and want to sell most everything I have ... but I don't want to have to do it deck by deck.

I have an excel doc of what I've got and am looking to y'all to first give me advice on exactly what info needs to be included for each deck so I can tweak the spreadsheet. I plan on touching every single beloved deck I have in order to get the inventory list in a format helpful for potential buyer(s). Then my next step is to find out the best forum to post the list and put them up for sale.

Appreciate any and all helpful advice from fellow card lovers. Thanks!
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Re: Hello from Texas!

Unread postby shaitani » Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:49 pm  

Hi Kim,

I'm not sure what information you do or don't have on each of your decks, but generally when I buy, I need to know obviously what deck I'm buying (so the artist and deck name are important, but also the version or year if multiple printings were released), as well as more importantly the condition.

On the topic of condition, start with whether the deck has ever been opened before, if it hasn't, then do your best to describe what people might regard as "imperfections". Sometimes that's as obvious as a torn cellophane wrapper, or as tiny as a hard-to-notice crease on the side of the tuck. Some people don't care about these types of damage, but some others are very sensitive to it. To be safer, you could include pictures of at least the fronts and backs, but with 500 decks that would obviously be very daunting to manage, even with pictures of 10 decks at a time.

This might all be obvious to you, if so, I think you'll already be on the right track. But my one last contribution to this response is, if you want a large amount of cards to sell in a single sale, expect to receive less than the sum of the individual values. Sometimes people try to sell a bunch of decks and then just add up the highest price they've seen it sell for on ebay thinking that's how much they're worth.

I hope you'll share your spreadsheet when you're ready, for example I'm personally very interested to see what you have in your collection.

Good luck!
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