Greetings from Singapore!

Where are you from and what are your interests?

Greetings from Singapore!

Unread postby Endblade95 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:13 am  

Hello everyone!

I just got into card collecting about over a month ago, only have a few decks in my small collection, looking to add more!

I usually like decks that don't have normal card pips and custom faces, so Kickstarter decks usually catch my eye.

I got introduced to this forum by a fellow collector friend of mine who uses this forum (I don't know his IGN) but he hooked me up with quite a few decks! He's also from Singapore :)

Any advice for newbies as to what topics to look at? I don't do much cardistry, more of into staring at sealed decks. I hope I can participate actively in this forum!
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Re: Greetings from Singapore!

Unread postby Räpylätassu » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:33 pm  

Hello there!

Welcome to UC! I am a big fan of custom decks as well so you might want to check my TOP 100 decks list at the "Show us your cards!" side of the forum. The list consists mostly of 100 % custom decks, so there should be good decks there for you to look up!

I do recommend to pick up Venexiana Dark decks by Lotrek (Half Moon Playing Cards). Also Lorenzo Gaggiottis (Stockholm17) Le Chat Rouge is a great one. What else...? Olympia by Steve Minty is also a nice one! Those are just some examples though :)

I read the "New & Custom decks" forum everyday to keep up with new decks, basically every single new deck gets posted there.

Also I recommend to join to Portfolio52, which is a great place to find new decks!

Welcome, welcome!


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