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Hello, new member

Unread postby spartygw » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:22 am  

Hi, everyone.

I'm an amateur artist that has done a few things I'm proud of and am now interested in designing my own set of playing cards.

I did this poster for American Sign Language alphabet https://spartygw.deviantart.com/art/American-Sign-Language-alphabet-695361644 and I also did a poster for baseball pitch grips https://spartygw.deviantart.com/art/6-pitch-grips-v2-with-larger-4-seam-685660778

Anyways, I've started my card journey and have sketched 2 kings. I have a lot of reading to do to understand what the dimensions are that I need to crop my drawings to. There's a lot of info here that I have to find time to digest before I draw too much.

I anticipate printing 20 decks for myself and some family. I'm okay with spending up to $500 for this but I'm hoping that I'll find info here where I can at least see a prototype before laying out that kind of cash.


You can see from my 2 previous links that I tend to like to draw with black marker and cross hatching. My card design will follow that same technique. I am drawing on brown toned paper with black marker and white pencil for highlights. The only real color will be red for the hearts/diamonds.

The 4 suits will be cross hatched and I think the letters/numbers will be a font I choose rather than something I draw.

My daughter (she's 17) likes drawing mandalas so I will be recruiting her to design the card back again in black/white on brown toned background.

I don't own photoshop and use gimp for all my digital editing. I don't do much digitally other than lay things out. I don't sketch or paint digitally. I'm far better with a pen in my hand than a mouse artistically.

I welcome any feedback, lessons learned, opinions on my intended budget, etc.
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