Hello From Miami, FL

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Hello From Miami, FL

Unread postby turb0rabbit » Sun May 28, 2017 10:59 pm  

Hello everyone!

My name is Danny from Miami, FL 31 years old. Always been into playing cards, and magic, but never really got into it. A short story of how I ended here. Went to Santa Rosa in Apr2017 for work, walked into this small town ice cream store/ magic shop. Can't remember the name at the moment, but they do live magic shows Thursdays & Friday. Unfortunately, my business partner and I were unable to attend any of the show on those days. Ended up going on a Saturday, told one of the guys from the magic shop how bummed out I was for not being able to make it to either of the shows. End up getting a 30-minute private magic show. Now, like I said, I'm from Miami, a city not known for magicians, the last magic show I saw was when I was like 7 years old, birthday party. So needless to say, that show changed my life. I ended up buying a Svengali deck, and that started my newly founded obsession. 1 month later, 17 new decks, 2 magic decks, learned a few magic tricks, I am now self-proclaimed supermarket magician :lol: :lol: :lol: which embarrasses my girlfriend, but I love the look on children's faces when I do a trick, especially with the svengali deck.

I'm really looking forward to becoming an active member of this community. Please follow my personal (turb0rabbit) and cardistry (ume.playingcards.company) IG. I just created the cardistry page, only have a few post. Still learning tricks, and ordering new decks. I def see me creating a deck in the future. Stay tuned!!

If anyone is from South Florida would love to hear from you!

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Re: Hello From Miami, FL

Unread postby dazzleguts » Tue May 30, 2017 9:09 pm  

Welcome Danny.
I don't participate in social media, outside of a couple of specific forums, so can't follow you, but I totally get the fascination. I sold some decks to a local magician and he did some tricks for me. It's very cool when you see it close up like that and it still seems magic.
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