"Marketplace" and what the heck is "UC Deck Sales"?

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"Marketplace" and what the heck is "UC Deck Sales"?

Unread postby Mike Ratledge » Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:33 pm  

We just completed a somewhat extensive reorganization of the forum layout, including Joe's great idea to link all of the offers and similar things into the new "Marketplace" forum, which appears below the "Playing Cards" forum and contains a sub-forum jump / link to "Promotions and Offers" that used to be up here near the top. It will go away after a while, the whole idea is to consolidate and eliminate some things, including the high number of sticky threads we have accumulated over the past few months.

What's "UC Deck Sales"? It's a place for me to offer sales of items - like Carat Card Case™ sales, things that used to show up on the "ucoffers" page, and general playing cards for sale by the membership using a Shopify-based 'store' that is external to UC itself (i.e. based at UCdecksales.com) but allows easy return to UnitedCardists.com as well. For the time being, it's going to be me trying to get it all working correctly and offering Carats and a few other things, until I can figure out how to let the membership add new items to the store, and yes - it's an accounting nightmare (but I sleep well, my wife - maybe not so much). I have a South Carolina reseller's license, sales tax permit, registration with the Secretary of State and all those fun things that come with a 'real store', but as I don't foresee many sales being made to people in the state of South Carolina, for now that's my least concern. I'll likely offer some small computer-based electronic items at a deep discount off my Amazon.com store, which is also just getting started with their "Fulfilled By Amazon" handling delivery for me - for a fee, of course! That also relieves me of the state tax reporting burden for that part of things as well.

One thing, I am getting ready to send out a "third opt in" message from the mailing list on MailChimp that used to belong to CardLaucher, another DBA of my Cyberian Way LLC partnership (UCdecksales is a DBA of Cyberian Way LLC as well). I apologize in advance, but it will be the way that we send out a monthly update to users and if you've ever backed a UC Kickstarter project, signed up for CardLauncher or signed up for notification when "UC Deck Sales" opens, you're on that list - so - you're going to get the option very soon to "opt out" (or technically a third "opt in" since you have already been validated twice). The point is that just because you were interested in CardLaucher doesn't mean you're interested in UCdecksales, so - this first newsletter will be basically just that - the ability to "opt out" of getting notifications from UCdecksales, or remain in the list. I used all of my previous Kickstarter lists, de-duped them as well as eliminated duplicates from CardLauncher signups although that doesn't mean that if you happen to have used different email addresses for two or more UnitedCardists projects on KS or on CardLauncher - you could be in that list twice by virtue of having two different emails (there's no way to check for that, since it's not collecting mailing/shipping addresses - yet). I am pretty certain that I dug deep enough to eliminate every single vestige of CL from the control files and required "Can SPAM" footer, but - you never know. I will send myself a test message before I fire on everyone, and hopefully it is clean of anything left over from the fiasco about 18 months ago, now.

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