Transcendence by Peter Pellikaan & Alakazam Magic

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Transcendence by Peter Pellikaan & Alakazam Magic

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Title: Transcendence
Creator: Peter Pellikaan
Publisher: Alakazam Magic
MSRP: $ 25
Skill Level: intermediate
DVD Run time: 32 minutes

Type of effect: four card transposition / similar to NFW

Manufacturer's Write Up:

The most magical change of four cards you have ever seen! Four spot cards are shown front and back. The cards are mixed face up and face down. Now with no funny moves the cards instantly change to four court cards, which once again are shown front and back!!!

Transcendence is a super quick, ultra-visual packet trick that will fool your spectators badly.

Peter Pellikaan, the undisputed King of crazy packet tricks has created one of the best four card changes we have ever seen!

Transcendence comes complete with everything you need to start using it straight out of the box.

How accurate is the ad copy? no deception

What's in the box? Includes: in depth training DVD, gimmicks and carry wallet.

Key points: You do not need to use the cards that are provided, the DVD instructions use normal every day cards

How are the production values: very similar to other Alakazam videos. David Loosley and Peter Nardi sitting with Peter Pellikaan at a poker table going through the moves - multiple camera angles and well microphone.

Is it well made: German made Phoenix playing cards and a very "ancient" magician's utility is included.

Is it well taught: The initial teaching of the effect happens very quickly with David Loosley; it's only 10 minutes long. The remaining 20 minutes of the DVD is strictly devoted to various packet trick sleights; you will learn the

Eddie Titlbaum Count
Elmsley Count by Alex Elmsley
Master Grip
Opec Count by Edward Marlo
Combination Count Peter Pellikaan
Rumba Count by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
The Combo Count from Daryl
The Cut count

Storage? Does it "pack flat?" Only a few cards are needed - keep them in the card wallet provided

Does it "play big?" This isn't so much a fleshed out trick with a plot or patter, more so than it is a "packet trick" like you see in the trailer. It's going to take some fleshing out on the part of the performer.

How much arts and crafts are involved? Only a small amount, however, this trick will play better if you throw away the gimmick supplied, go to your local brick and mortar magic store and purchase "the good stuff."

How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?) Yes, although it probably plays better with a table - and I would be wary of spectator's wanting to "grab" your cards - this trick ends very dirty - so audience management is key.

Overall score: let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.

_____Very Satisfied
_____ Somewhat Satisfied
_____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
X Somewhat Dissatisfied
_____ Very Dissatisfied
_____ No Opinion

At it's core this is a packet trick -the cards provided and the utility are not needed for anyone with card magic experience. I would have preferred a single DVD containing several effects from Peter Pellikaan with no extras included.

To me it looks like Alakazam realized this might fall flat, so they included cards and a rush job utility to make the consumer feel like they got something worthwhile.

I also would have preferred Peter Pellikaan's performance alongside an explanation from Peter Nardi - Nardi is a much better teacher and Pellikann acts in the video like he just wants to "finish and leave."

+ Hey do you want to see my full review with even more of my opinions and ideas? Visit this link for my video review:
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