Magic Review: Invisible Triumph by Jim Krenz & Vanishing Inc

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Magic Review: Invisible Triumph by Jim Krenz & Vanishing Inc

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Title: Invisible Triumph
Creator: Jim Krenz
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
MSRP: $ 30
Skill Level: All
Video download Run time: 16 min

Type of effect: Triumph Effect

Manufacturer's Write Up: What Jim Krenz has created is not only a Triumph effect, but a Triumph of method. Its ingenuity and craftiness will astound not only spectators, but you as well when you see it in action.

You will see cards intentionally and fairly mixed face up and face down. The spectator can square the mixed cards. Yet, as you suspect, the deck rights itself to all face down save for one selected card. The amazing thing is that it really looks that clean! In fact, you'll be able to perform this right out of the box without sleight of hand!

Even better, Jim teaches two incredible handlings: one with a selected card and one with a thought-of card. Yes, we said "thought-of card."

It's pure, it's simple, it's elegantly magical, and it's time to elevate your routine to a Triumph and get your copy of Invisible Triumph today!

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