Deck Review: Star Deck by Lunar Saloon

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Deck Review: Star Deck by Lunar Saloon

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video review:

The battle for Proxima B rages in this custom designed card deck from Lunar Saloon. STARDECK is a custom deck of poker-sized playing cards, designed and illustrated by Lunar Saloon, and printed by The United States Playing Card Company.

STARDECK tells of four archetypal sci-fi factions as they vie for control over Proxima B, Earth's terrestrial neighbor in the Proxima Centauri system. Proxima B's native population, the aliens whose subterranean existence has earned them the moniker "Spades", defend their world from outside invaders. Their overwhelming numbers are enabling them to fend off Earth's militarized colonization effort. The Hearts, an advanced robot population, aid Earth's various civilian and military factions via combat, manufacturing, and espionage; all while advocating for equal treatment and representation on Earth. The Club, Earth's most decorated combat unit, was the first to touch down on Proxima B. Quickly overrun by the Spade horde, its surviving members defend their landing site from the planet's hostile natives. The Diamond Corporation, currently profiting from a lucrative arms market, are diversifying into natural resource commodities, arriving on Proxima B with the goal of claiming rights to the planet's unassigned lands.

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