Getting Started

The United Cardists calendar uses a Google group calendar - so to get the most out of it you might want to sign up with some Google services:

Subscribe to the United Cardists Calendar

To add the United Cardists calendar to your Google account, or open it in Google Calendars do the following:

  • Click the Subscribe button at the bottom right corner of the United Cardists calendar

    (or click this link.)

  • If you are not already signed into Google, do so when prompted. (If you are already signed in, this step will be skipped)

  • When asked if you want to add the new calendar to your account, click 'Yes, add this calendar.'.

Add an event to the United Cardists Calendar

Anyone can add events to the United Cardists calendar, but you must have a Google account:

  • Log into your Google calendar:

  • Click the Create button at the top left corner of the screen

  • Fill in the event form:

    • Add a title

    • Fill in the start date and time of the project. (DO NOT change the end date or time - if you wish to specify the end of the project add this as a separate event.)

    • Add a description

    • Change the visibility setting to 'Public'

  • Add the united Cardists calendar as a guest:

    • Copy and paste into the Guests field

    • Click the 'Add' button

  • Click the Save button